Black Don't Crack ( poem by Nicole Dupree)

They say black don't crack

Yet I find myself bleeding

Emotions spilling from

Places I never received healing

And yet they say black don't crack

But perhaps it does

Maybe we take the cracks and fill the seals with temporary relief and cheap thrills

Giving the illusion that we are not broken

Is this why we have generations

Of hatred

And constant family secrets that are unspoken

Putting band-aids

Over spots that require stitches

And not recognizing the source of our hurt to Receive our healing

So we mask it

And not because of Covid-19

But because we refuse to accept it

That may be just maybe

Black does indeed crack

But for so long we’ve

Been taught how to hold things together Not admitting when we are dealing with Stormy weather

Making sure our skin is polished

And our tears are hidden

But in reality, our sanity is slowly


And we need relief

There is no amount of vaseline That we can place on our bronze skin

To heal the inner cuts from within So it's time we wake up

Understanding that black does crack And we won't heal until we admit that