Chic Merchandise Launch

We're excited to finally launch our merchandise which includes hoodies and t-shirts. Chic is not just a magazine , but we're also a community. And what better way than for our Chic squad members to feel more connected to us than by wearing our merchandise. Chic is growing everyday and now has an audience of 45k. We love our supporters and hope you guys will continue on this exciting journey with us. Chic is different in many ways from other media outlets. We don't focus on celebrity gossip or negativity but more so on the positive things happening right here in our own communities. By the way , it's important for us to show case you guys so please feel free to tag us in your photos while you are wearing your hoodies and t-shirts #chicsocietymagazine for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page. We are also looking for an ambassador to help us promote our new line. If you are interested please email us at Did you know that if you are subscribed to our blog you got the news first!! That's right, you guys have a chance to purchase our merchandise before any one else does. Not only that, but we have even more good news!! because you are a subscriber as a thank you we want to offer you 20% off your purchase. Use code Chic20 at checkout to save. To purchase visit the homepage and click merchandise.