Donell Jones New Album 100% Free

American Music Award Winner, Donell Jones who is known

for his chart-hitting tracks like “Where I Wanna Be” and “Knocks Me Off My Feet'' is elated to

release his 7th studio album, 100% FREE after a 7-year hiatus.

Fans, friends, and family have been anticipating this newly needed release for quite some time

now and have expressed that since he’s been gone R&B and soul music just has not been the


With new singles “Karma (Payback)” and “Deep N2U” available now on Apple Music, the

singer/songwriter/producer has given his supporters a taste of his new mature sound and they

are thirsty for more.

100% FREE is a project that was created to embrace Donell’s evolution in music and as a man.

He was once addicted to alcohol, smoking cigarettes, self-sabotage, and negative thinking but

he’s no longer bound to things that do not add any value to his life. Also, since he’s no longer

signed to a record label and has become independent with his own company, CandyMan Music,

Love Jones has been 100% FREE to tap into his authentic creativity and is producing lyrical

content that is relatable and yet again, timeless.

There will be 7 songs on this project and listeners can expect to hear some reggae, house

music, and grown and sexy Donell Jones today. The album is available on his website for FREE as well as available to listen to and download on all

streaming services.

“The album is free but if you want to support me you can buy it... I did this for my fans that may

be less fortunate and don’t have the money or maybe you’ll download and say I want to support

him anyway. It’s up to you but for me it’s no pressure. I just wanted to put some music out that

feels good,” said the independent artist.

For those who are looking to grab the album now, it is currently available for pre-order on

iTunes ($5.99), and those who want to make a donation can do so at

and 25% of the proceeds will go to charity (