Kimberly Davis ( Makeup Artist ) Interview w/ Felicia Dortch

1. When did you begin as a makeup artist? What made you decide to be a make-up artist?
I began my career as a makeup artist 5 years ago. I was a stay at home mom but also wanted to have a career, I started out doing beauty makeup and my first day on a movie set they wanted to teach me a few small sfx looks. After learning that I started working on more looks and researching and soon I became the girl that was called on for a lot of sfx looks. I worked in SC, NC, GA and now Texas. 2. When did you begin doing make-up for film? What was your most memorable experience? Feel free to name drop.
I began working on films in 2016. There has been so many amazing experiences, I have been able to meet and work with some extremely talented people. When I met Deon Richmond that was very memorable when you get to meet and do makeup for someone that you grew up watching. 3. Do you prefer special effects make-up applications or fashion, and why? I think I do prefer sfx over the other makeup styles I feel like I get to be a little more creative but I love it all. 4. Is there any make-up artist that inspires you, if so why? I really love Matt Valentine's work. He.was one of the winner's of Syfy's Face Off he does incredible prosthetic work. I hope to be at that level one day. 5. Do you have a favorite makeup brand, and why?
Oh wow, there are so many. If I had to pick one I would have to say Charlotte Tilbury, everything in her line has been incredible and the pigment is amazing without looking heavy. 6. Any upcoming projects you would like to share?
I am working on a lot of projects this month, I have 4 movies lined up. To stay current on everything I am working on you can follow me on instagram @professionalmakeupbykimberly

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