Black & White Tv inc ( interview by Felicia Dortch)

How long have you been in the film industry, and when did you decide this was the profession for you? I have been a Television Producer for almost 30 years. I actually started out studying to be a medical professional like so many other members of my family. Two MDs, Six RNs, one Chemist, but my creative instincts carved a different path and I became a dancer instead. When I married my first husband who was a TV videographer, he encouraged me to pursue writing for television public affairs shows and over time I grew and evolved in experience as a Producer. What are some of your most memorable projects?
Two In Performance at the White House music specials for PBS hosted by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. 11years of Soul Train Dance shows and Music Awards for Don Cornelius. 13 seasons of BET’s Celebration of Gospel, a talk show with Magic Johnson, Moral Court with Larry Elder, Emmy Nominated Animal Planet series Housecat Housecall, so many more as you can imagine over 30 years… What are some of the challenges you face on projects, and how do you handle them? As an independent Producer the challenge is always finding the funding to produce projects. But that requires belief in the project, perseverance and persistence. Hollywood is the business of rejection, of cheating and stealing ideas…I’ve experienced it all. When you work for a network my position is how do I add value to the team and the project. How do I lead and manage creative differences without getting fired. That happened too. It’s trickier because its other people’s money and vision, but once you deliver with excellence and the program performs in terms of ratings then you are good to go. Are there challenges to being a female producer? When I started I was always the only woman.The only Black woman for sure. I learned early on to value and trust my creative instincts and not shy away from courageous conversations. I was not always the most popular but I was always and continue to be well respected. I am not really a household name because social media was not a toll available then for self-promotion. Also I preferred the behind the scenes power of being a strong decision maker and influencer I see you are an author, what is the name of your book and what inspired the book?
The name of the book is, Beauty And Mercy: BAM! Poems in Pandemic. It is a collection of poems I wrote during the early days of quarantine because of the COVID 19 pandemic. The poems are meant to encourage and empower anyone that was feeling particularly challenged by the difficulties of the times. How long have you been into poetry and will we get a second book soon? I have never written poetry or a book before. But the spiritual inspiration was so strong I had to follow the lead and get out of a professional comfort zone to try new ideas. I’m continuing to write poems, although I do not consider myself a poet by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just able to weave themes, thoughts and words together in a way that deliver a strong and lyrical message. As for a second book, I’m thinking a about a travel memoir. I have been travelling all over the world before the pandemic so I’m thinking I can take readers along a vicarious experience through my past travel experiences. Do you have a favorite author? If so, whom?
Alice Walker, Maya Angelou and James Baldwin are my favorite authors. Their storytelling skills and ability to discuss the most painful parts of life with unvarnished lyricism is brilliant. Where can we purchase your book?
Amazon. In paperback, Kindle and Audio formats. Lastly, any encouraging words for new producers in the industry or trying to get into the industry?
Considering that there are so many more tools available today to create content, anyone and everyone can be and is a producer. If there are specific ideas you wish to develop, then write them out. Never disqualify yourself because you do not have the credits or the experience.. it is all relative. A compelling story can come form anywhere. But above all you must believe in yourself and not be afraid to fail and not take rejection personally. It is part of the process. Geovanni Brewer Executive Producer Black & White TV Inc. 310-855-1040 office 310-779-7257 cell