Welcome Home…Nadin L.G. Benito - Interior Designer/ Founder Welcome Home Foundation Curacao

My sister Joy just bought her vacation home here in the Caribbean island of Curacao, and wanted me to give my Caribbean design twist to it for her, especially nearing the Holiday season when she is planning to travel here with her family.

Shall we…?

She wanted coziness, combined with a touch of modern and contemporary.

The houses here come standard painted all white with a super basic kitchen.

So now… my task was to give the whole house a distinct touch of warmth yet elegance, but with a mix of American and Caribbean influence, for when she travels here for relaxation after long stressful months of lock down due to the pandemic.

First, I had to redo the kitchen and install an island.

I love adding coziness into a room, by e.g. painting. Paint transforms an interior & exterior totally! And here on the island we love to use bold bright colors. Since it’s an open area concept, painting the whole area a light taupe color was the perfect choice. This color blends smoothly with the tiles, the cabinetry and the countertop.

blends smoothly with the tiles, the cabinetry and the countertop.

Instead of using the traditional ceiling lamps, I opted for a more playful look with 2 identical black industrial hanging lamps above the kitchen island, fixing them at different levels & using various styles of “Edison” vintage bulbs. This brings a balance to the modern look and the contemporary cool vibe that had to be established.

Normally most people don’t add curtains to their kitchen door, but to tie it all together and knowing that textile always brings luxury and coziness to a room, I installed matching curtain rods and wide light creme curtains all through this open area. It also helps blocking noise and it adds vibrancy to the wholeness.

Since Joy is arriving in the Fall season and might be missing this season in the States, I incorporated some fall colors into the decor with a touch of red and rose gold. A unique combination of colors that can never go wrong!

They say 3 is a charm… so decorating one big flocked tree and leaving 2 smaller ones plain with only warm lights in it, brings dimension to the whole.

The console was asking for something dramatic as well, so I wrapped it around with a thick garland and just added little touches of beauty. The overall look has to be elegant and not too overwhelmed. She likes simplicity with a touch of boldness. Therefore I chose to decorate certain areas super busy and leaving others just plain to keep the balance.

Inspirational quotes and clocks on the blank walls next to the door and above the stove in the tones rose gold, wood and bronze, keeping in mind that this has to be a long time investment for her, so each item has to go a long way.

Keeping the countertop and island as uncluttered as possible makes the kitchen stand out. Grouping decor certainly helps in this purpose.

As for the living room, since it’s an open area together with the kitchen, similar color scheme has been used to coordinate. A combination of Chesterfield sofa and 2 one- seats, together with wooden table with black iron frame combines just right with the chosen lamps and side tables. Just wanted to add a little touch of industrial style here and there.

To still bring the vibe of the States to the islands, I designed a wooden fireplace and wrapped it as well with a garland and warm lights, together with some decor matching the ones in the kitchen area.

So when Joy sees the overall layout, she will be mesmerized in a cozy design filled with elegance, warmth and coziness.

A nice way to say “Welcome Home to Curacao”…

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